GAP Protection

In order to promptly resolve your GAP claim, it is imperative that we be provided with all of the following documentation. Failure to submit legible copies of the requested documents may significantly delay processing of your claim. Moreover, please be advised that no payment for a payable loss will be made by the underwriter if all documentation necessary to process the claim is not submitted to the administrator within the specified time frame listed on your individual GAP Addendum.

  1. Copy of the payment history, which identifies the payoff balance as of the date of loss. Please include the account number and the payment address of lender.
  2. Copy of the primary insurance company settlement check.
  3. Copy of the insurance company settlement payment breakdown letter.
  4. Copy of the primary insurance company's total loss valuation report. This is the document that reflects how the insurance company determined the value of the damaged vehicle. Some examples include but are not limited to NADA Guide, CCC, Kelly Blue Book, etc.
  5. Copy of the detailed, line by line repair estimate written by your primary insurer.
  6. Copy of the primary insurance company declarations page. This is typically the first page of your insurance policy and it describes the covered vehicle, the effective dates of coverage, the coverage limits, and the deductible amount for the vehicle that was declared a total loss. This can typically be obtained from your insurance agent. The effective dates on the declaration page submitted must cover the applicable date of loss.
  7. Please visit your dealership and sign the paperwork to cancel your (Service Contract, Extended Warranty, Credit Disability, Credit Life) products and ask for a copy of the front and back of each contract, and a copy of the refund check along with the cancellation worksheet which states the calculation which explains the amount of the refund. This documentation must be provided to us as soon as possible.
  8. Please forward a legible copy of the front and back of the GAP Waiver Agreement (if copy not clear, please provide the original).
  9. Please forward a legible copy of the original finance contract.
  10. Please forward a legible copy of the buyer's order.
  11. Please forward a legible copy of the police report. If no police report was filed, please send us a signed, notarized letter stating same.
  12. Copy of the replacement vehicle bill of sale and finance agreement (FOR GAP PLUS POLICIES ONLY).
  13. Please complete and return the GAP Cancellation Form so we are able to expedite the GAP Premium refund to your lender.
  14. Please complete the attached Authorization and Release for Information form.
  15. Please contact the original selling dealership and obtain the bill of sale, sales slip, finance contract, which lists the interest rate, term, and all relevant vehicle information (For Motorcycles only).

In the event that you are unable to procure any of the required documents, you must provide us with a written explanation as to why the document(s) could not be obtained. This explanation will be submitted to the underwriters for consideration.

Please be advised that no action taken in the investigation of any claim should be construed as an admission of coverage or liability. We reserve the right to deny any claim for any valid reasons as described in the contract. Please be further advised that this is a generic claim instruction site and contains instructions regarding several types of coverages. This does not imply or suggest that your contract contains these coverages. Should you have any questions regarding coverage, please read your contract carefully and/or consult your dealer.