Theft & Total Loss Protection

In order to promptly resolve claim, it is imperative that we be provided with all of the following documentation. Failure to submit legible copies of all requested documents may significantly delay processing of your claim. ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUMITTED WITHIN CONTRACTUAL TIMEFRAME. SEE CONTRACT FOR DETAILS.

  1. Documents Needed
    1. Legible copy of the FRONT and BACK of the Theft / Total Loss Protection agreement/Certificate.
    3. Legible copy of the COVERED VEHICLE BUYER’S ORDER.
    4. Please be sure to complete and return the enclosed VEHICLE AFFIDAVIT.
  2. Please contact the POLICE DEPARTMENT and obtain the following documents:
    1. Legible copy of the POLICE REPORT with complete narrative of incident.
    2. Legible copy of the THEFT RECOVERY REPORT if applicable. If vehicle not recovered, please provide verification from the police department that the covered vehicle has not been recovered.
  3. Please contact your INSURANCE COMPANY and obtain the following documents:
    1. Legible copy of the insurance company SETTLEMENT CHECK.
    2. Copy of the insurance company SETTLEMENT BREAKDOWN LETTER.
    3. Copy of the INSURANCE POLICY DECLARATION PAGE which indicates your deductible on your policy for the vehicle that was totaled. Please be sure that the date of loss falls within the effective dates listed on the declaration page.
    4. If vehicle uninsured, please advise us in writing.
  4. For replacement vehicle benefit only, please contact your original selling DEALERSHIP and obtain a legible copy of the REPLACEMENT VEHICLE BUYERS ORDER AND/OR BILL OF SALE.

All documents must be completely legible, otherwise the Guarantee Benefit will be suspended until legible copies can be obtained. Please note that each claim is distinctive and the claim administrator may request additional information not listed above.

Please be advised that no action taken in the investigation of any claim should be construed as an admission of coverage or liability. We reserve the right to deny any claim for any valid reasons as described in the contract. Please be further advised that this is a generic claim instruction site and contains instructions regarding several types of coverages. This does not imply or suggest that your contract contains these coverages. Should you have any questions regarding coverage, please read your contract carefully and/or consult your dealer.