RV on Site Repair

Please find the necessary claim form for your review and completion. We would be most appreciative if you would take a few minutes to complete the applicable form in detail and return them to us promptly. Your cooperation in this regard is part of our claim investigation and will assist us in our evaluation of this loss. We respectfully remind you that your cooperation in our investigation is a post-loss requirement of your contract, and that all claims must be submitted to our offices within 60 days of the date of loss.

The following documentation will be required for all claims:

  1. Completed, signed and dated Claim Form.
  2. Legible copy of RV Shield Service Agreement.

Please be advised that this is a generic claim form and may refer to several types of coverages. This does not imply or suggest that your policy contains these coverages. Should you have any questions regarding your coverages, please read your policy carefully and/or consult your agent.

Once you have returned the applicable form(s) along with the supporting documentation specified thereon, we will process your claim in the order it was received, typically within 14 business days.

Thank you for this opportunity to be of service.


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